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Faith Movers Church was birthed out of a sincere desire to obey God’s command for a new, fresh, and bold ministry that would be Christ-Centered, Spirit-Led, and Kingdom-Focused. Therefore, God begin to deal with Pastor Moses internally about beginning a new ministry that would focus on reaching lost people.  God’s desire for Pastor Moses was that he could lead a church where the Spirit could flow freely and the outside community could be impacted. In the summer of 2011, after much prayer, Pastor Moses and Lady Herring made a “faith move” and walked away from a comfortable lifestyle and stepped into the unknown. . . . 

Faith Movers Church was founded by God and organized by Moses B. Herring, Sr. in the year 2011.  Faith Movers Church held its first service on June 12, 2011, with over 800 people in attendance.  The spirit of the church on the first day was electric and has not cooled down by the least bit.  Today, Faith Movers Church has a growing membership of over 2,500 members where the Word of God is being preached and taught and many people are being helped both spiritually and existentially.  In a short time, God has already done great things.  Faith Movers Church has been recognized by many outside organizations for its commitment to excellence, service to the community, and for its many outreach events.  Additionally, within the first two-and-half years of existence, Faith Movers Church was able to acquire its own facility exceeding 60,000 square feet that included a sanctuary, gymnasium, school, and much more.


Built on seven foundational pillars, Faith Movers is a church dedicated to ministering to the whole man: spirit, mind, and body. The future of Faith Movers Church looks bright under the guidance of the Holy Spirit with a vision to create change in the lives of people worldwide.  Faith Movers is the perfect church for people who are not.

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