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Microphone on Sound Board


Audio and Video

The Audio and Video Ministry is responsible for managing audio and video services for all services and events and providing unedited content for multimedia distribution. 

MBHM Bookstore

The Moses B. Herring Ministries (MBHM) produces media that supports radio and television broadcasts.  The ministry also manages the social media channels to spread the word of GOD.

Creative Team

The Creative Team is a collective of various creatives including visual, graphic, and performing artists who partners with Moses B Herring Ministries to develop and implement concepts for sermon series and illustrative sermons.  

Social Media 

The Social Media Team is responsible for communicating with our virtual church via various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


The Production Ministry oversees the technical aspects of each service.  Members of this ministry acts as stage management, service coordinators, and crew during worship services.

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